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Basic Usage

Starting eMediaAdmin

      eMediaAdmin is started by entering the URL of the software in your Internet browser (For best results, use a recent upgrade of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer). For example, the Navigator location line would look like this:

If you installed it in a different directory, use it instead (such as

Depending on how it is configured, your browser may show a webpage that asks for your password. It may also ask you to select the month and year of the project you currently want to work on. eMediaAdmin defaults to the current month and year.

Some Details...

      When you use eMediaAdmin to create a webpage, it also updates a database containing recent headlines (with the URLs and short story descriptions). Plus, it recreates your front page (maybe /index.html) and the current section page (for example, if you are creating a page for your "Local Sports" category, then the table of contents for your "Local Sports" section will be updated with the new headline and link to the new webpage.) Also, eMediaAdmin will add a new entry to your archive page for the current month and year.

These options can be turned off; and then you can manually use the menu options (shown below) to reupdate your table of contents pages.

The Menu (The main interface)

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