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A simple script for showing current server usage and stats.

virtualmail-pop3d (or vm-pop3d)
A simple and fast POP3 server that provides support for virtual (non-/etc/passwd) users. It can support multiple virtual domains with separate password files and mailbox spool locations for each virtual domain. This will allow you to have multiple users with the same name on one system. Well... they aren't really users, just mailboxes.

        Below is a list of a few things we are working on (or would like to be worked on).

Toddler Reading/Learning software
Says words or phrases and shows choices of answers on screen (either in text or with images).

Desktop Publishing software
Basic easy-to-use GUI-based (X11) program for creating newsletters and brochures.

Internet search engine
Developing database structure for indexing and searching large amounts of data.