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        Do you need software developed? Send us an email ( We develop free (open source) and paid (includes professional support) software.

Open Source   check_services
Monitors servers by sending specific requests to certain types of services.

Professional Support   eMediaAdmin
Semi-automated posting of articles and photos and updating table of contents and archive indexes for newspapers, magazines and other publishers.

Open Source   gethost
Do hostname and IP reverse lookups using /etc/hosts, NIS, DNS.

Open Source   mailout
A queuing, non-port-listening, non-daemon, SMTP, sendmail replacement.

Open Source   pagecreator
Quickly make a webpage (using a template for your own design) via your browser.

Professional Support   Website Searching Software
Do you need a site search engine? Our software uses space efficient databases and has quick results.

Open Source   ResourceTool
Program to help manage categorized link directories. Website visitors can suggests sites to add and scripts add the suggestion to a pending queue and notify the site admin to review it.

Open Source   redhat-fixes-check (or rpm-check)
Compares Red Hat RPM updates (security fixes) with those installed. If needed, it will download RPM and update.

Open Source   sendmail_stats
A sendmail log analyzer: outputs an easy to understand and useful report.

Open Source   systemstatus
Outputs server load, processes, web server hits, users logged on, memory/swap/drive usage, and system uptime.

Open Source   virtualmail-pop3d (or vm-pop3d)
A simple and fast POP3 server that provides support for virtual (non-/etc/passwd) users. It can support multiple virtual domains with separate password files and mailbox spool locations for each.