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Why do I have line breaks in between each line of text?
      When an article is uploaded (the webpage is created), eMediaAdmin places HTML code to place a blank line in between paragraphs. By default, eMediaAdmin assumes that there is a linefeed (and/or carriage return) at the end of each paragraph you upload. This is usually the default when you copy and paste an article from Microsoft Word, Quark X Press and various other applications.
      But if you paste in an article that has a physical line break at the end of each line (or column), the software will still assume that each line is an end of a paragraph. When you upload the article, be sure to select "Convert double lf/br" and make sure that there are two consecutive line breaks where you want to start a new paragraph. (You can also choose to have "No LF/CR conversion".)

Why are there weird (or foreign) characters (fonts) showing up on the created webpages?
      Different computers and different software allow you to use a variety of special characters. Web browsers (like Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer) usually can only show some special characters. eMediaAdmin is setup to convert most special characters to their HTML equivalents. (Some special characters include bullets and smart quotation marks.)
      If you encounter some weird character, please email the character to us, plus the URL of the webpage that it can be found on, the key-strokes used to create it, the application it was originally created in, the platform (operating system and computer) the application is running on, and the "name" of the desired character. Then we will attempt to add it to the character conversion routine. (You may notice that the character displays correctly when the webpage is brought up under a different operating system.)

Why do I see the HTML code of a newly created webpage and not the (rendered version of the) webpage itself?
      We have came across this situation a few times -- and almost time it was caused by an HTML coding problem in the original template. Specifically, the problem is caused by not having properly closing </TD>, </TR>, </TABLE> and other TABLE related tags. (You may notice that is shows up perfect if using different browser software.) Make sure that your HTML code in your templates is correct (and make sure you test it on various platforms).
      This problem may occur with some browsers if the filename does not have a ".html" (or ".htm") extension.

Why won't my archive pages update?
      This may be caused by having the wrong eMediaAdmin tags. Make sure that your archive template uses the correct tag to include your new articles. This tag is:
<!-- insert info -->
(Be sure to read the templates documentation.)

Why does my webpage render incorrectly on my web browser? Also, why is the article HTML placed above the template HTML code?
      We have seen this when the template was corrupted, because it had no linefeeds (ASCII 10). Be sure that when you create and transfer your templates that the linefeeds are not lost.

Last updated: 1 Feb. 2000