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        Linux can save most companies a lot of money. No need for expensive software licensing. No need for expensive computer support. Yes, Linux can be confusing and hard to use, but -- depending on the setup -- it can also be extremely easy to use.

        In fact, as I make this webpage, my three-year-old son is drawing a picture with The Gimp. Later, he'll play on the old 486 Linux box to practice his colors, counting and reading. Plus, I can help him e-mail some of his artwork to his friends and family.

        I use Linux for almost everything that I do under Windows 98 -- without the frequent "Invalid Page Faults," "General Protection Faults" and other crashes that make me do a power down every few days just to get the Windows 98 system to work good again. But my Linux computer runs weeks on end -- plus it is multi-user and multi-processing -- my son draws pictures sitting at the console while I program at another network-based console, use Samba (for sharing files with Windows 98) and test webpages with its webserver.

If you are interested in easily and inexpensively getting started with Linux, check out our pre-installed Linux on a hard drive and Low-cost used computers solutions.


        We offer Linux-related consulting services. Send us an email ( to learn how a Linux-based network can help your company's productivity -- while saving a lot of money.

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