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Save time . . . and save money . . . with eMediaAdmin

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Customizable web-accessible eMediaAdmin software allows easy and quick posting of stories, articles, images for your online magazine, newsletter, or newspaper.

eMediaAdmin creates attractive webpages without handcoding. You can publish your articles and images on to the Web without any knowledge of HTML or HTTP protocols. Software can be learned in just minutes.

The software automatically:

  • creates subfolders/directories that are easy to understand and follow
  • creates a HTML page for each new story using pre-made templates of your choosing and design
  • uploads images in the correct folders
  • updates the archive pages
  • updates the front page or section pages (table of contents pages)
  • also supports banner advertising
Your organization can save time when posting stories and photos to your website by using eMediaAdmin's simple-to-follow and easy-to-use interface. Basically, when eMediaAdmin uploads a story and photo, it places them in folders for the current month, updates an archive of all stories, and recreates the contents' pages.

All pages created by eMediaAdmin are based on templates that can have the almost exact look and feel of your site. Or, you can choose to use a variety of pre-defined templates that offer different navigation buttons, background styles and layout schemes. eMediaAdmin also works with framed sites. Depending how you set up your templates, it can support text headers, graphic headers, PHP, server side includes (SSI), JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, ad management inserts, navigation bars and so on.

eMediaAdmin includes password protection so only authorized users can utilize it. (You can also use your server's web-based authentication to add further security.)

Sites using eMediaAdmin

Numerous sites use eMediaAdmin. Here is a small sampling:

  • Optimum Solutions
    Software development company providing news and information about its payroll and human resources software solutions.
  • eDealerNews
    The Real Automotive Internet News.
  • Illinois Entertainer
    Magazine covering local, regional and national bands.
  • Klipsun Magazine
    Klipsun is a student publication of Western Washington University, distributed as a print magazine twice per quarter.
    The Internet magazine for the expedited freight industry.
  • Negro League Baseball
    Negro League Baseball Dot Com is the Internet's fastest growing and most extensive resource for information relating to Negro League baseball history.
  • Puget Sound Computer User
    100,000 print magazines circulated every month in western Washington.
  • CM&
    La noticia en tiempo real.
  • BSD Today
    News and feature articles cover BSD operating systems and related open source software.

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A study by Reed Publishing indicates that eMediaAdmin can save substantial time and money.

Without eMediaAdmin, a higher-paid experienced website designer posts an average of 12 stories per hour and a lower-paid individual with basic computer skills can post an average of six stories per hour.

With eMediaAdmin, an average of 20 stories per hour can be posted. This is 40 to 70 percent faster. (Skilled users can easily post over 30 stories with photos in less than an hour.)

Comparing a $8/hr employee using eMediaAdmin to a $25/hr HTML designer not using eMediaAdmin:

  • A small weekly magazine (with 20 stories per issue) would save about $442 and 17 hours in six months.
  • A medium-sized twice-weekly paper (with 40 stories per issue) would save about $1,768 and 68 hours in six months.
  • A medium-sized daily paper (with 40 stories per issue) would save about $6,188 and 240 hours in six months.
Comparing an employee using eMediaAdmin to not using eMediaAdmin (based on a $8 per hour wages):
  • A small weekly publication (with 20 stories per issue) would save about $972 and 121 hours in one year.
  • A medium-sized twice-weekly paper (with 40 stories per issue) would save about $3,877 and 484 hours in 12 months.
  • A medium-sized daily newspaper (with 40 stories per issue) would save about $13,569 and 1,696 hours in 12 months.
Order eMediaAdmin today so you can start taking advantage of these savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost associated with a site that will have 20 pages to start but grow.........?
      At first we planned to sell eMediaAdmin based on the publication's size and frequency. But since we don't want to monitor our customer's usage or force our customers to limit their publishing, we have decided to sell several licenses that are structured according to the amount of service, support and software updates the publisher desires. Check our ordering section for pricing and details.

Can eMediaAdmin convert Microsoft Word for the Macintosh documents? What about using with PageMaker?
      eMediaAdmin doesn't actually use the original documents. It just uses the text from the document to create a new webpage using your chosen templates. The eMediaAdmin interface has been tested with Netscape and Internet Explorer and on various platforms (such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Debian Linux 2.1, Macintosh OS 8.0 and etc.) to make sure special ASCII characters will be converted correctly for HTML. (For example, different systems and applications often use different characters for double quotes, single quotes, bullets, emdashes etc.) So yes -- eMediaAdmin does work with PageMaker, Word for the Mac and a ton of other applications.

Can your solution be customized to use different layout templates per category (or section or what ever you call it)?
      Definitely! We initially wrote the software so you could use different templates so you could have a different layouts for your sports section compared to your business news section, for example. But now, it is also setup to allow using just one template layout for all your sections if you desire. (This makes it easy -- especially if you have a lot of sections and don't have the time to design a bunch of pre-made templates.) By the way, eMediaAdmin comes with several pre-made templates for your use (or you can make your own to match your current site's look and feel).

What format is content stored in? I am assuming content is stored in a database before being converted to html?
      The actual content -- the articles -- is not stored in any database; they are directly converted to HTML and integrated with your templates. Your article webpages are not created on the fly, which saves valuable time, server space and server load. A small database is updated which keeps information about your current article headlines, descriptions and links for your table of contents pages. (These pages are also not created dynamically; they are updated when new articles are added -- unless you choose otherwise.) Because pages created by eMediaAdmin are not database-driven, they are real and can be easily indexed by AltaVista, Infoseek, Yahoo! or other search engines and directories.

Is this a perl solution?
      Yes. We have found perl to be very portable -- so we can adapt our script quickly for various servers.

How does the automatic table of contents work - are these server-side includes?
      The indexes (tables of contents) can be recreated whenever you add a new article or link. These indexes are not created on-the-fly when your visitor visits your webpage. But, since the templates are customizable, you may choose that the created pages are saved as server-side includes.

Can your product work on virtual and dedicated servers alike?
      Yes, eMediaAdmin can work on virtual and dedicated servers. It runs as a CGI, so for it to work, the server must be installed appropriately. (It isn't made to control/administer more than one virtual account -- each would need its own eMediaAdmin software installed.)

Is it possible to classify stories by subject and by date, and generate indexes by subject and by date?
      Yes. Stories are classified by a section (which can be a subject or category). And these indexes can automatically be created by date or category.

Is there a limit to how many sections/columns we can use on the site?
      There is not a built-in limit in the software. Depending on the system, it is running on, it could handle thousands. But, as far as we know, it has never been used with more than ten sections.

      The sections are not even needed. It just makes it convenient if you need multiple tables of contents (separate webpages) for each category. A small website with very little content could just use one section, such as "news".

      As for a limit on columns, the only limit would be the amount of server space you are allocated by your website hosting provider. For example, one site using eMediaAdmin used approximately 35 megabytes for over 1900 articles and 1100 images.

Do I need to have a database server?
      A database server (like PostgreSQL or Oracle) is not needed to power eMediaAdmin. eMediaAdmin is a good option for low-cost or overloaded servers. eMediaAdmin generates static webpages, so it doesn't use a database for generating webpages.

If you choose, you can use eMediaAdmin to generate documents that are later parsed via server-side includes (shtml) or PHP, for example, and be used with a database for further dynamic capabilities.

Where can I get help setting up eMediaAdmin and/or templates?
     For most setups, eMediaAdmin has a simple installation and configuration. Plus it includes an installation helper program. We also offer professional installation, configuration and template designing services. Or, if you'd like a list of third-party companies that may assist in the installation and configuration of eMediaAdmin, let us know.

Do you offer technical assistance for Apache webserver, BSD, Linux or other systems?
      Yes, we offer professional Unix-related administration services. Visit our Professional Technical Support Services webpage for further details.

In addition, we can help provide Windows NT and Windows 2000 administration services.

Before making a decision, we need a test drive. Do you have a demo site?
      Yes. Send an email to and we will send a login name and password you can use to try it out.

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Using eMediaAdmin

      Posting a story is as simple as just copying-and-pasting from your document (for example, Quark Xpress or Microsoft Word) into your web browser. A story will be created in HTML and your archives and tables of contents will be updated in just seconds. (All the main options are pre-set defaults so no article-by-article configuration is needed.)

eMediaAdmin also lets you create table of contents (index webpages) with headlines that link to outside URLs.

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Ordering eMediaAdmin

We sell several licenses that are structured according to the amount of service, support and software updates that you (the publisher) desire. Contact us at about our (up-to) 50-percent credit for advertising trade. We feel our prices are a drop in the bucket compared to the money you'll save in staff time.

Limited License $180
      No installation or configuration included. HTML-based documentation (explaining installation and usage) is included.

Standard License $240
      Includes installation and configuration of software on your server, print documentation, and 30 minutes of telephone support and training.

Professional License $890
      Includes installation and configuration of software on your server, print documentation, 30 minutes of telephone support and training, and software updates.

Subscriber License $180 per year
      Yearly subscription includes installation and configuration of software on your server, print documentation, 30 minutes of telephone support and training, and new software updates. (Software can only be used for twelve months or amount of time ordered.)

We also offer volume discounts for publishers who run various sites.


  • Payment must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.
  • All licensing includes website and email technical support.
  • Only one person can contact us via email for support. (Your organization will need to appoint someone to be the official contact.)
  • Telephone support is not limited to one contact individual, but limited by the time (30 minutes).
  • Software may only be installed for usage on one server -- for one host account, unless you have a volume license. (Software may be installed on emergency backup servers.)
  • eMediaAdmin is warrantied to perform as defined in the documentation.
Ordering eMediaAdmin is quick and easy...

      We have a few payment options:

  1. Print this order form/invoice, fill it out and send it with a check or money order to us by postal mail.
  2. Order using an online payment service; we currently use PayPal and Ecount. Contact us for details.
  3. Customers outside of the United States can make payments with bank wire transfers.
  4. Pay online by electronic check on a secure server. (This option is only available for customers with a U.S. bank checking account. Customers outside the U.S. can pay by sending a US$ bank draft which can be obtained from your bank.)
Your order will be fulfilled once we receive your payment. If you order the Limited License, then the software with documentation will be emailed to you. If you order any of the other licenses, then we will contact you to discuss installation.