Current version: 0.14
Updated: 10 July 2002

mailout sends email using SMTP. mailout is a replacement for sendmail for workstations, desktop computers, laptops, personal home systems and any system that doesn't need a listening SMTP server. mailout will queue email (not implemented yet). And mailout knows a variety of sendmail options and arguments. mailout should be mostly RFC compliant -- but may follow standards as defined by sendmail, exim or postfix behaviour.

Why mailout?

Having a simple mailer that can expand aliases, manage a queue (retry old non-delivered messages), send out via the network or deliver locally, but doesn't (can't) run as a daemon and can not accept network connections is a good idea.

(In addition, I do not know of any "free" mailers for Unix.)

This is not a true replacement for exim, qmail, postfix or sendmail. You will still need true mail transfer agents like these to receive the mail you send.

mailout is open source and written from scratch in C.

The manual page: mailout.8.html.

Current command line options:

-q (not implemented yet)
-i (ignores -- not implemented)

If you have any ideas or you want the code, please email.


Began Nov. 1, 2000

Version 0.02 - 17 November 2000
Version 0.13 - 11 October 2001
Version 0.14 - 10 July 2002

Used as primary sendmail for my everyday workstation since Nov. 10, 2000.

The Change Log is here.

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