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Current version: 0.21

systemstatus is a small perl script that gives the following info:

  • system uptime
  • httpd (www) status (not a detailed log analyzer)
  • memory/swap usage
  • disk space usage
  • current users logged on
  • current system processes
It outputs this info in html format. Things to be worried about are highlighted in red (default) and warnings are in orange. (All colors can be easily changed.)

I haven't done much work on it; and it definitely can use some improvements.


  1. add ftp (and other services) stats
  2. parse out the `ps` info so I can flag potential warnings.
  3. command line option --nohtml
  4. try to make it faster (but still be compatible with various flavours of UNIX)
  5. display disk hogs (users who use too much space)!
If you have any ideas, please email me at


Current version download: systemstatus.txt.

It currently is set up to read the Boa web server log file; an example is in the code for using the Apache log file.

You can also try:
$httpd_log_file = "/var/log/apache/access.log";

From the source code:

# Copyright (c) 1999 Jeremy C. Reed. All Rights Reserved.
# This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify
# it as long as you retain this entire copyright and notice.
# This software is provided as is and the author is not liable
# for anything resulting from its use.

Some people believe that it is a security risk for others to know what and how a system is running. If you are worried or paranoid, feel free to use tcp wrappers, Apache mod_access directives, run it on some uncommon port, run it on an internal IP, or use whatever security by obscurity method you prefer.