mailout - outgoing Mail Transfer Agent


mailout [-t] [-f sender] [recipient ...]


The mailout utility sends email out using SMTP. It is a simple sendmail(1) replacement for sending outgoing email. It does not listen to any interface; and it cannot route email.

The following options are available:

-f sender
Set the address of the sender instead of the current user.

A dot ".." character on line by itself will not terminate incoming, non-SMTP message. (Same as --ooii switch.)

When reading from standard input, the message does not end when a dot ".." character is on a line by itself. (Same as --ii option.)

Not implemented. Ignored. (Show queue of mail to be sent.)

Use recipients from the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: headers.

Signal end of options. (Two hyphens.)

Multiple recipient email addresses can be listed on the command line.

Currently, the relaying or destination mailhub must be defined at compile-time. mailout only sends the email to one mail server.

mailout does minor logging using the syslog(3) LOG_MAIL facility and LOG_INFO priority. (By default, the logging is recorded at /var/log/maillog.)


mailout does generic SMTP (HELO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO, and QUIT).


mailout does not use /etc/aliases. It cannot deliver locally. mailout does not check syntax of addresses. It does not currently have a mechanism to retry sending queued mail.

mailout requires a space between "--ff" and the sender address.