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For a few days I worked on an article for BSD Mag that introduced (briefly) the many new tools and daemons included in NetBSD 6.0. Many of this was new development done on NetBSD, while some is third-party software useful enough to be included with the base NetBSD. The article should be published by the magazine sometime in December. Another article needs to be written to introduce the many rump tools.

I noticed several man pages were missing. So I wrote a draft of mkubootimage(1) even though I haven't used it. (It is now at Other missing manuals include: sqlite3 (I may handle that), ztest, kcc (heimtools), digest-service, and gsstool.

Also the Google Code-in is in process. This is a Google sponsored event with high school students doing short (couple hour) tasks to help open source projects. NetBSD has many tasks available and I helped review and give feedback to some students.