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A few months back I added PKGSRC_COMPILER=pcc support for pkgsrc.

I tested more on DragonFly and fixed a few things: crt1.o uses _start not __start on DragonFly and using -lgcc for now. (Also fixed my old typo for I guess nobody ever used it on DragonFly.)

I made a meta-package to depend on most of the packages defined in the pkgsrc/doc/STATUS file for "supported" platforms. pcc on DragonFly does a good job overall as I was able to build and install more than 1/2 of these packages and dependencies. A definite success.

I have a few portability fixes to either share upstream (to openssh and lynx) or get pcc to ignore (warn instead of error) for. (GCC assumptions.)

I reported several issues I found to the pcc list. Some is getting worked on. I am testing one pic patch, but it causes other problems.

Also I am testing a patch to warn and ignore junk after #else and #endif for cpp since we can't change the world. Need to commit this.