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Using gpart with -f switch for full scan so it wouldn't skip any sectors after finding a possible partition. It found a few more, but they were overlapping.

I was able to disklabel and mount a few "Linux Ext2" partitions but all were empty. So I did "/root/gpart -v -f -n s /dev/wd0d" and it showed a lot more.

And I used fgrep and searched on raw disk: "fgrep -a -b austin /dev/rwd0d". I found data I want around byte 1168270986 so around sector 2281779.

So I tried disklabeling and mounting a few partitions, and saw some junk. (I used "$" for full disk for size.) Then I had some kernel panic when I did an "ls".

So I restarted and tried again. I was able to use dumpe2fs on a filesystem but debugfs said:

debugfs:  ls
EXT2 directory corrupted
On others, I finally found some files, but debugfs said:
cat: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while
reading ext2 file
The partitions I was trying were starting at 16384 sectors apart.

I could see some of the file names in the following data:

dd skip=1859000 if=/dev/wd0d  bs=1k count=2500

I wrote a perl script to parse data for GIF files and save each found file (reading from unmounted disk).

Using mkhybrid to make ISO to backup some homes. If place multiple paths on command-line then it will merge them together (not what I wanted).

"Warning: Directory loop" caused when using mkhybrid on same files twice (accidently).

So I made image with:

mkhybrid  -a -l -D -R -L -o /backups/home.iso -x /home/ftp -x /home/backups
-x /home/jcrtest -x /home/kaitlin -x /home/kian -x /home/debian-bsd
-x /home/reed/tmp -x /home/reed/downloads /home
(I didn't use -J switch because some filenames were longer than allowed 64 character Joliet limitation.)

Look at it with vnconfig (see earlier for notes) and all looked fine. So I burned cd.

"fdisk -S" returns a list of environment variable assignments which can be used with sh. DLSIZE shows total size of disk in sectors.

Last week, I had a boot give a number error 1 when booting using mbr_bootsel. This defined in /usr/src/sbin/fdisk/mbr_bootsel/mbr_bootsel.S.