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We offer seminars, workshops and hands-on, on-site BSD, Unix and Linux training. Our workshops can be scheduled for one-on-one tutoring. We are located near Seattle, Washington, but we can also travel for on-location training. We are also available to do public speaking and seminars.

Some of our classes are available via Everett Community College's Applied Technology Training Center (ATTC).

    ATTC classes and workshops


We can also provide customized training solutions. Please send us an email to discuss your needs.


We can provide a variety of customized training solutions. If you have a specific training need, be sure to ask.

Unix Shell Programming

This workshop will cover basic programming using a sh-compatible command language interpreter, such as the Unix Bourne shell and and bash. This class will also briefly cover some basic Awk and Perl programming concepts.

After completing this workshop, the student will be able to write simple shell-based programs to expediate common Unix-related tasks.

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of using common Unix commands or experience with DOS/NT batch script programming or other programming.

Apache Administration: installation, configuration and monitoring

According to several surveys, the Apache Webserver is easily the most commonly-used webserver.

This workshop will cover the basics of of HTTP, secure webpages, dynamic sites and usage statistics with a variety of examples of using the Apache Webserver.

At the conclusion of this workshop, the student will be able to install, configure and maintain a standard Apache Webserver on a Unix-based system.

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of using fundamental Unix commands.

Beginning mail server administration: sendmail and POP3 configurations

At the end of this workshop, the participant should be familiar with the common functionality of internet mail and will be able to install and maintain basic SMTP and POP3 servers under Unix.

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of using fundamental Unix commands.

Security: Introduction and building a security plan

At the conclusion of this workshop, the student will be know the basic security situations and questions for building a computer or network security plan for his or her business. This workshop uses common terminology and will share and teach examples for a variety of platforms.

Introduction to Unix using BSD (or Introduction to BSD)

During this workshop, the participant will learn about the Unix-like file system, Unix history and basic Unix commands.

At the conclusion of this workshop, the student will know the purpose and possibilities for using a Unix-type system; and the student will be able to use fundamental Unix commands.

Advanced Mail Server Administration: Performance, Virtual Domains, SPAM prevention

This workshop covers advanced steps in Unix-based mail server administration for improving performance, preventing unsolicited mail (spam) and setting up virtual domain-based email accounts.

Prerequisites: knowledge of using mail services on a Unix-like system.

Introduction and Using Open Source Office Suites

This workshop will explain the open source movement and will cover the beginning usage of a variety of different freely-available office-type applications and office suites (including Sun's Star Office and KDE and Gnome applications).

After completing this workshop, the student will be able to use open source solutions to common word processing and spreadsheet tasks.

Beginning Linux (or BSD) Security

This course will share techniques and steps in securing Unix-based computers and networks.

At the end of this workshop, the student will be able to do basic steps in "locking down" a Unix-like system.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of using Unix-like systems.

Linux Kernel Workshop

This workshop will teach how to use a variety of methods for customizing Linux kernels, including how to use patches and text-based and graphical-based configurations.

At the conclusion of this workshop, the participant will be able to do basic configurations and customizations of a Linux kernel to improve performance, use specific hardware and increase security.

BSD/Linux/Unix Training

Various levels of Unix-related training for the beginner, junior system admin and advanced user. We can offer training ranging from using the command line interface, graphical interface and installing and configuring software to advanced server administration for Apache, SMTP/Mail (Sendmail/Exim), DNS (BIND) and more.

Basic Internet Training

An introduction to using the web for personal and business use. The training covers the basics: necessary hardware, setting up an internet service account, costs, using a web browser, e-mailing, in-depth searching, newsgroups, downloading and a lot more.

HTML Workshops

Learn to create and publish your own web pages with our beginning and advanced training. The beginning workshop will introduce Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and cover basic design, layout, graphics and uploading your files for publication on the web. The advanced workshops cover more HTML, forms, graphic design, Javascript and Perl programming.

Online Marketing

This workshop will cover a variety of techniques in internet-based promotions and marketing, including search engine submissions, mailing lists and online advertising.

At the end of this workshop, the participant will know how to inexpensively run an online-based marketing campaign.

Web Marketing Seminars

In these information-packed seminars, you will learn how to use the internet to effectively strengthen your business with key marketing strategies. Topics include: market testing ideas, identifying, finding and contacting clients, preparing high-impact messages, web publicity, direct mail, advertising and publishing online newsletters.

For more information about arranging your hands-on, on-site workshop contact us today. We also offer computer camps for youth.

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