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High-speed DSL

We offer DSL internet access starting at $13.95 per month in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Vancouver, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Bellingham and other areas). You will also need to pay for the DSL telephone network access. (Which your telephone line provider, such as GTE or US West, may charge around $32.50 and up.)

We support BSD and Linux users -- as well as other operating systems.

By using DSL, you'll have an always on, dedicated internet connection and still be able to use your phone on the same phone line at the same time.

Our DSL packages start at 256K -- five times faster than a regular 56K modem. DSL can reach speeds of 1.5MB and higher; but your speed depends on your distance from your local phone company's CO (central office) and your line capabilities.

The Ordering Process:

  1. You send in the order and authorization form to us
  2. We provide your telephone company with the DSL connection information
  3. You will be contacted directly by the telephone company for DSL installation. (They will provide equipment.)
  4. We set you up in our router.
  5. The phone company sets you up in their equipment and at your home (or business).
  6. You will be billed monthly for the isp service -- your phone line provider will bill you separately.
256K (download) $13.95
768K (download)/128K (upload) $16.95
384K $34.95
768K/768K $56.95
1.5M/768K $94.95

Included Services

Contact us for further information and to order.

We also offer:

  56K Dial-up Access
  Website Hosting
  Email Hosting
  DNS (Primary & Secondary) Services
  Monitoring Services
  Website Caching & Distribution

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