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Virtual eMail (patch for gnu-pop3d)

Several updates (UIDL) and fixes (dieing daemons) for gnu-pop3d have been made in virtualmail-pop3d (aka vm-pop3d). vm-pop3d contains this virtualmail patch and more. You may want to consider using vm-pop3d instead of this patch.

Please note that gnu-pop3d is no longer developed, and the virtualmail patches for gnu-pop3d are no longer freely supported. These virtualmail patches for gnu-pop3d have been integrated into vm-pop3d. vm-pop3d is forked version of gnu-pop3d that includes these patches and several other fixes. It has continuing open source development. Please use vm-pop3d instead of these patches. The vm-pop3d webpage is at

If you want the old webpage, go to "oldindex.html".