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Video Production with BSD

I am trying to figure out where to start with video editing. This webpage will contain my notes in this pursuit. If you have any knowledge or experiences to share with video and audio capture, output or editing, please let me know. In particular, I could use this information: webpage or documentation links or book information; video capture cards and drivers that work with a BSD; video output cards and drivers (output for use by a VCR, TV, for example); capturing and editing software; and audio utilities that work with video productions.

      Some resources
      Video capture cards
      Video output cards
      Digital Video
      Hard drive
      Video capture software
      Video editing software
      Encoding software
      Audio editing

Some resources

Video for Linux Video4linux is a project to provide a common API to video sources, tuning sources, teletext and other TV related VBI data.
archived at and

Slashdot: What Do You Use For Digital Video Editing?
Slashdot: Free Realtime Video Editing for Linux

O'Reilly: Broadcast 2000 Brings DV Editing to Linux

Consumer Video Editing in Linux

How to get started editing video & audio with Linux

O'Reilly: Why I Prefer the Open Source Solution for Video Editing

Desktop Video Buyer?s Guide Desktop Video: A Starter's Guide to Video Editing Making Video CDs under Linux

listing of Linux video and animation resources

NC State Linux Video Project Developing methodologies to use Linux to record production quality video.

Video CD FAQ

LiViD -- The Linux Video and DVD Project


Matrox Marvel G200/Rainbow Runner Addon and support in Linux via Video 4 Linux 1 and 2

MPEG Video Resources and Software

An Introduction to MPEG Video Compression

Video Lab -- Open Video Resources for UNIX

Video capture cards

ATI All in Wonder, or a Voodoo3 3500 TV GATOS (General ATI TV and Overlay Software): ATI-TV for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc.... Hauppage WinTV card for capture

BrookTree compatible cards (most of them are TV Tuners with NO Video Out), which are the crap cards for video capture.

Matrox Marvel Linux Media Labs is designing , developing, manufacturing and marketing motion video hardware for GNU/Linux OS.

Video Interchange Standards

Video output cards

Asus V3800 TNT2 with TV out, and exporting to a VCR via that, was quite simple.

Asus V660 Deluxe

STB Velocity 4400 video card with a TNT2 chipset and 16Mb of RAM, and it has a S-video out, an RCA out, and the SVGA out. (review: ?? wintv-d card has the s-video output

Matrox Marvel G200, Marvel G400, 3dfx Voodoo 3 3500TV, ATI All In Wonder 128 and the Elsa Erazor III Pro. All have TV-in and -out capabilities, (review:

Elsa Victory Erazor Video card - Riva 128 chipset (AGP?) Built In S-video and composite input and output ..$30 each

composite video signal?

Digital Video

Linux DV -- digital video for Linux

If you're going to start from scratch, do yourself a favor and get a DV (digital video, Firewire/iLink/IEEE1394) compliant camcorder


Sony TRV10 DV camcorder

hard drive

IDE (UATA66) is plenty fast for video editing. I've got about three thousand hours of 720x480 @ 25Mb/sec footage without a single dropped frome to prove it.

Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 for burning to VCD


cheap PCI VGA cards that have a TV output

iomega buz multimedia producer


Video capture software

dvgrab save the DV data from a digital video camcorder via IEEE-1394 into an AVI file.

streamer (part of xawtv) a command line tool for capturing still images and avi-videos (with sound).

As for getting video in, check out uk/v4l.shtml which has some pretty good info on linux supported video capture cards, as well as other v4l stuff.

bttvgrab is a program for grabbing video sequences

BTTV - A Linux driver for Bt848/849/878/879 based frame grabbers (with list of hardware)

BSD BT848 / BT878 Driver FXTV A TV Tuner and video capture program xmradio A Radio tuner for cards with FM Radio VideoteXt Martin Buck's VideoteXt Teletext program AleVT Edgar Toernig's Teletext program

videocapture & TV with FreeBSD


Video editing software

MainActor for Linux

GIMP's Film Version

Broadcast 2000 BroadCast 2000, and i have to admit it works really nice with my bt848 (Miro) capture card. Multiple audio streams, mixing, fade in/out effects, its all in there... (download available at alternative locations, like tucows.)

Crow is a Non-linear video editing application for Unix.

encoding software

MMX accelerated Berkeley MPEG encoder. (near bottom)

"it doesn't have to be mpeg..mjpeg avi's are just as good"

MJPEG Tools -- tools that can do recording of videos and playback, simple cut-and-paste editing and the MPEG compression of audio and video.


MPEG2Tool (encoder with Motif interface)

MPEGTool (MPEG-1 encoder with Motif interface) LAVTOOLS: The Linux Audio Video Tools
lavrec records video and audio and outputs it to AVI or (optionally and limited to half and quarter resolutions) Quicktime files.

AVI both xawtv's streamer and kwintv capture to AVI.

dali - library of routines for manipulating video, audio, and image data. ========================================== from linux-video mailing list -- Jean-Marc Orliaguet
Re: avi to mpeg ?



WIDTH=`avi2yuv -v $1 | grep Width | cut -f2 -d ":"`
HEIGHT=`avi2yuv -v $1 | grep Height | cut -f2 -d ":"`


avi2yuv $1 | mpeg_encode $PARAM_TMP2

Audio editing



mpgtx -- command line MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox.

MainActor -- digital video editing
DV-Out (export DV via firewire), Sequencer (multi-track editing program), VideoEditor, VideoCapture and DV-Capture. For Windows and Linux. $99. Demo available.

VirtualDub -- capture device and pre- and post-processor.

Quick and Dirty Video Tools video format conversion

SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG)

SDL Motion JPEG Library (SMJPEG)
Poorer quality than MPEG at the same file size
Slightly slower than MPEG at the same framerate

qtmpeg - some conversions


mp1e (video frame grabber) Any sunsite mirror: under apps/sound/convert/mp1e.


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