Suggested features, fixes and/or bloat for blackbox

I couldn't find a list of blackbox suggestions, so I decided to make one. Some of the comments were copied verbatim from the mailing list. Also below is the TODO list from the developer. These are not all my ideas or preferences; in fact, some I don't agree with.

Please note that some people don't want any features added to blackbox -- their goals are to have a minimal blackbox. Others want a fast but useful window manager.

The ideas ...

Some patches are available via

Bugs / Issues


As posted by the developer Jeff Raven to the blackbox list:
  • move select key bindings back into blackbox, and add key bindings to pop up root and workspace menus (they will only be key-navigable when popped up by a key binding)
  • phase out blackbox protocol and implement NET WM
  • ponder the whole rootCommand issue... my problem with the existing patch is that it doesn't let the _style_ to specify whether the image should be tiled, scaled, etc. If we force everything to go through bsetbg this can be avoided, though. (Since the rootImage could then be '-full whatzit.png'.)
  • ponder ALT+RIGHT_CLICK resizing with multiple zones (2? 4?)
  • add more tilde expansion of filenames (trivial)
  • add Xinerama support

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